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Profile of Chris Cottrell

Chris Cottrell

Director of Propositions and Innovation

Chris joined the Ordnance Survey team full time in mid-February 2020 with the task of leading the construction, development and positioning of the new Propositions and Innovation Expert Function.

With an initial background in analytical chemistry, Chris has lived and worked in Chicago, Singapore, Paris and Zurich and has held a number of high-profile international roles including Director of Marketing, Director of Sales and Marketing, General Manager, President Directeur General, Managing Director and CEO.

The primary focus of Chris’s international experience has been mainly in oil and gas, up and downstream petrochemical, semiconductor, power and energy market segments, delivering technology and leading standalone and fully integrated system solutions including service, training, and consumables.

Chris has been involved and led a number of merger and acquisitions activities and held a variety of Non-Exec roles in Brand Management and Development, Engineering and Sensor Innovation.