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OS data for developers

Access Great Britain’s most authoritative location data on demand through APIs

Start building with our APIs and live location data

Explore code examples

Copy and paste our code samples and start building your own projects.

API documentation

Our overviews, getting started guides and technical specifications contains all the information you need to understand to access and use our data.

Pricing and Licensing

Get started with free unlimited OpenData downloads and £1000 free Premium data.

Your experience

Web developers

Build web-based applications with destination locators, scroll stories and interactive mapping.

GIS application

Analyse OS data for modelling and mapping with GIS applications.

Data scientists

Use our Premium and Open Data in your data science workflows, we show you how with our IPython Notebooks tutorial.

Latest news

Keeping track with future trends – setting the pace for geospatial

With ‘data everywhere’, we look at how geospatial information and technology plays a crucial role across nations, looking at five overarching industry drivers.

Westfield Autonomous Vehicles – powered by OS

Westfield Technology Group, a pioneering British vehicle manufacturer, and Ordnance Survey have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support future Autonomous Vehicle development.

An OS developer summary

Since launching the OS Data Hub back in July as part of the new Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA), it’s been a busy six months here at OS.

Our communities

Support from OS Developers

Can’t find what you are looking for from the resources available? Check out our GitHub repositories and raise an issue with our developers on GitHub.

Geovation start-up network

If your start-up needs geospatial data and expertise to succeed, our accelerator programmes, community events and hands-on development resources will help guide you.

Community Support

Raise your technical questions via the popular developer Q&A site GIS Stack Exchange. Be sure to tag your questions with ordnance-survey and any other relevant tags.