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GIS Analysts

Integrate our APIs with your GIS software

Utilise raster or vector tile basemaps, designed by OS cartographers, for GIS software, including QGIS, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and ESRI Story Maps. Load our data offline and overlay up-to-date features and detailed attribution on demand for GIS spatial analysis.

Help for GIS analysts using OS data

Our tutorials and documentation demonstrate how you can integrate our APIs with several GIS applications and how you can get the most out of our data.

Developer blog

Data visualisation

We explore data visualisation in our developer blog, referring to the representation of information or data in a visual format.

New Data formats

Throughout this year, we will be providing more of current products as GeoPackage, Vector Tile and GeoTIFF.

3D maps for your apps

Access building heights and seamlessly build them into your web application.