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One Scotland Mapping Agreement

By signing up, you can access and share OS mapping data with organisations like yours across Scotland.

By signing up, you can access and share OS mapping data with organisations like yours across Scotland. Whether you are a town or community council, an NHS Trust or central government, all public sector organisations can apply.

If you sign up for our One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA), you will be joining the overall mapping agreement. Find more information about our public sector licensing.

The One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) is a collective agreement between OS and the Scottish Government to let you access and share OS mapping data to support the services in your area.

Paramedic coming out of an ambulance

Work more efficiently

Find the best routes to incidents for emergency services, ensure you are making informed decisions and work smarter with OS data in Scotland.

Doctors discussing with clipboard

Collaborate with other public sector organisations in Scotland

Public sector partnerships are key to tackling issues. Bringing insights from local communities together with those from healthcare services helping to confront childhood obesity and teenage pregnancies.

Three people examining documents

Let contractors access your data

Share OS location data with contractors – all they need to do is sign one of our OSMA contractor licences.

Colleagues sharing information

Share our data across your organisation

Your public sector colleagues can order and download OS data, while you control what they can do.





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