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Ordnance Survey helping Dubai become the world's smartest city

Ordnance Survey helped develop a strategy to create smart solutions using geospatial information and technologies.


Developing a smart solutions strategy for Dubai through the effective use of geospatial information and technologies.

Dubai aspires to be the happiest place in the world, through being the smartest city in the world. Ordnance Survey (OS) helped to develop a strategy showing how to create world-class smart solutions with geospatial information and technologies.

NXN, based in Dubai, is a leading smart city consulting and digital service provider for the Middle East and Africa. OS worked in an international partnership with NXN for the Smart Dubai Government Establishment (SDGE) to develop this strategy.

The challenge

Dubai must have an up-to-date approach to geospatial data capture, management and dissemination to achieve its aim of being the happiest place on earth.

There were some key challenges to putting this in place however:

  • Working with private sector and government partners to empower, deliver and promote an efficient, seamless and safe city experience for residents and visitors.
  • Advising SDGE on a portfolio of products, services and technology to align with the new vision of Smart Dubai.
  • Identifying implementations of geospatial technologies and data as an international best practice reference.
  • Understanding which services will make life easier for residents or visitors.
  • Optimising data and technology to create world-leading smart services.

The solution

We started with in-depth research involving interviews with stakeholders who, knowingly or not, use geospatial data. We asked people in the private and public sectors, as well as the general public, what could make their lives better and easier.

This groundwork supported the review and documentation of the current state of geospatial activity within Dubai. It enabled Ordnance Survey and NXN to create a suggested policy document, and put forward business cases in areas such as managing the collection of data, and create a vision for geospatial integration and functionality of the Smart Dubai Platform.

With its smart cities connections around the world, OS was able to show SDGE first-hand the existing global benchmarks in the smart arena and how geospatial information underpins success.

"Geospatial data is a valuable tool for any smart city strategy, and by partnering with a leader in this domain, Ordnance Survey, we definitely demonstrated its effective usage through the Smart Dubai platform."
Kaveh Vessali, Senior Partner, NXN.

The outcome

The project revealed how geospatial information is a critical component of any smart city strategy.

Dubai is now developing a broader geospatial strategy for the Emirate, and is considering how it can optimise activities across government to accommodate the spatial initiatives recommended by OS and NXN.

About NXN

NXN (formerly neXgen) is a thought leader in the domains of Smart Cities and next generation technology innovation. NXN leverages its unique combination of regional insight and global outlook and unparalleled experience to consult, build and manage digital transformation services. Further enabled through its partnership with Zain group, NXN is the trusted advisor and digital service provider to some of the most forward-thinking governments and enterprises worldwide. For more information, please visit

Our services

We can help make your city smarter. Ordnance Survey provides consultancy services in a wide range of areas including data modelling, data sharing and management strategy and vision, geomaturity assessments, geospatial information system roadmaps and providing support for major national events.