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OS Terrain 5 support

OS Terrain 5 is regularly updated in line with other large-scale datasets. It explicitly and accurately models significant features such as roads, railways, quarries and lakes.

Getting started

OS Terrain is the name given to Ordnance Survey’s range of height products. These are three-dimensional models of the bare earth surface known as digital terrain models (DTMs).

User guide (PDF)

OS Terrain 5 is published as both grid and contours, each in a variety of formats. Both data types are created from the same source data and are supplied as 5 km by 5 km tiles.

OS Terrain 5 FAQs

How to get this product

OS Terrain 5 data is provided as a full set of Great Britain in tiles and is available as download only. The national dataset is supplied as 5 km by 5 km tiles of data.


Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
FormatGML 3.2 and ASCII grid for DTM, GML 3.2 and Esri shapefile for contours.
ResolutionGrid: 5m post spacing. Contours: vertical interval of 5m.
Tile size5km x 5km
Scale 1:10 000
SupplyDownload (annual contract)
Update frequencyQuarterly (January, April, July and October)
CoverageGreat Britain