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Help with using OS Maps on web and mobile

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Need help with that latest updates on the OS Maps app?


Quick Start Guide

Help with key features for those new to OS Maps

Quick Start


Detailed instructions and FAQs for OS Maps in your web browser

Web help


Detailed instructions and FAQs for OS Maps App on Apple and Android devices

App help

Video guides

Video guides to get you started with key features

Video guides

Redeem map download

Redeem a code from a paper map to make it available on all your mobile devices

Paper map mobile download icon Redeem

Paper map download FAQ

Help for using the Mobile Download from your paper map

Download help

Cancel recurring subscription

To cancel an in-app subscption, please use the app store. To cancel a subscription bought on the web, use the link in My Account

My Account

Change payment card details

At the moment, you cannot update card payment details online. Either wait for it to fail on the next payment, and then enter the new card details, or contact Customer Services

Quick Route Find

Enter a route number to open the route in OS Maps

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