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Web Developers

Build web-based applications using data directly from OS Data Hub

Our location data APIs provide developers with the tools they can use to create interactive web and mobile apps, including detailed basemaps, customised styles and feature requests. Our data is ready to use across multiple platforms, interactive applications and websites.

Help for web developers using OS data

We provide easy to follow documentation and starter guides, as well as JavaScript and Python tutorials for working with OS data supplied in GeoJSON.

Find copy and paste examples of our APIs in use on OS Data Hub or sign up and access our open APIs.

Developer blog

Useful tools for web mapping

Check out our quick guide for web developers working with spatial data.

New Data formats

Throughout this year, we will be providing more of current products as GeoPackage, Vector Tile and GeoTIFF.

Data visualisation

We explore data visualisation in our developer blog, referring to the representation of information or data in a visual format.