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Data Exploration Licence

Explore and use Ordnance Survey (OS) premium data to develop your ideas for free before deciding if the paid-for service is for you.

You could be anyone, large or small, well-established or start-up, who is looking into the potential of using OS premium data.

You may be thinking, for example, about how you could use it as part of a commercial product or service you are looking to develop or how it could help improve an aspect of your business.

Regardless, our Data Exploration Licence (DEL) is free of charge. It lets you use our OS data for 12 months and will renew automatically every year. It also lets you use third party OS data for three months. For instance, our AddressBase, AddressBase Plus, AddressBase Premium and AddressBase Islands products.

Develop your ideas and propositions

Evaluate our exploration data and use it to research and develop. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure how our data might help you yet. You can assess it for a potential commercial opportunity or see what potential benefits and value it could bring to you, perhaps to build a case for licensing exploration data in your business or organisation.

Display exploration data to promote your work

Create working prototypes using our data to demonstrate and promote your ideas on your own equipment. Showcase how your ideas or propositions would work. This is ideal for potential customers, agents, investors or other financial backers.

Use exploration data in live trials or tests

Use OS data in time-bound events to promote collaboration and innovation, to provide better insight into specific uses, or develop ideas or answer particular questions. You can use it as part of competitions, hackathons and mash-ups for example.