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Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA)

We're making big changes to the data we collect, how to access it, and how you can share information with others.

What does this mean for me?

We're making changes to the data we collect and the services we provide through a new agreement with the Geospatial Commission called the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement.

The PSGA enables Ordnance Survey (OS) to continue to providing its world-leading location expertise to OS Partners, developers and the public sector across Great Britain in supporting delivery of critical infrastructure and services – from blue lights to streetlights. 

This agreement creates greater opportunities for OS Partners, developers and the public sector, including:

  • New, richer data  
  • New ways to access our data 
  • New freedoms to share data  

We’re also making it easier for the private sector to use OS’s trusted and valuable information in innovative products and services for the UK market.

We’ll phase in the new data, access and freedoms to share in the first three years of the ten-year contract. And we’ll support customers with the new data and services, shaping future delivery with customer feedback.

How will I benefit from the PSGA?

The public sector 

  • Improved public sector services by providing you with easier access to new, richer data – benefiting activities ranging from emergency services to flood risk management to road gritting
  • New analysis and insight leading to better policy making


  • The new features of the agreement will enable you to create fresh insights and improve core business processes such as risk analysis, asset management and enhanced route optimisation 

Developers and innovators 

  • We're lowering cost and access barriers to you with our products and APIs
  • We're freeing up some of our licensing conditions so third parties can make more of their data available under open terms for others to use in their products and services

What do I need to do?

Public sector members already registered under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) or One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) won’t need to take any action. 

The PSGA replaced the PSMA for England and Wales on 1 April 2020, and OSMA for Scotland on 19 May 2020, providing very similar rights of use. All existing PSMA and OSMA members  who continue to hold, access or use OS premium data beyond those dates, will be deemed to have accepted the PSGA Member Licence from that point, unless they opt-out. 

If you aren’t already registered then you can now register easily for the PSGA. If you're not sure if you're already a member of PSGA you can check if your organisation is a member here

For commercial organisations and developers that want to take advantage of the new provisions provided under the agreement, you can sign up to the OS Data Hub or drop us a line to explore what it means to partner with us.

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The PSGA at a glance

For the first time, all public sector bodies across England, Scotland and Wales will have the same access to Ordnance Survey’s products and services. 

The agreement drives three elements at the core of OS’s work to keep providing you with better, trusted data that enables you to do more than ever before.

New data

We’ll expand OS data to create a deeper and richer picture of our built and natural environment. It will help our customers draw new insight from information such as the age of buildings and rural land classification.

New access

OS is overhauling the way customers access its essential data.

  • Launching a new OS Data Hub 
  • Offering a single sign on and more streamlined experience
  • Merging our three online ordering sites into one
  • Providing a mobile-friendly experience
  • Development of three brand-new APIs, allowing users to realise the benefits of the data quicker and more cost effectively

We’ll also make it easier for customers to access our core data and choose what they want, rather than have to order fixed datasets and packages.

We’re reducing our charges for our APIs:

  • Giving the public sector, unlimited, free access to our data via APIs 
  • Supporting developers and encouraging innovation with up to £1k a month of data, for free, to developers creating solutions and apps for use by the public or other organisations
  • Free, unlimited access to OS OpenData (download and API) for everyone

And there’ll be improved access to technical support on platforms such as Github, along with enhanced data support documentation. Further guidance on the support available will be communicated out directly, so please link up with your organisation’s Ordnance Survey Principal Contact for more information.  

New freedoms to share

Under the new agreement, OS will give third parties greater freedom to share information and link datasets. We anticipate this will lead to more open information from public sector bodies

In conjunction with GeoPlace and Improvement Service we'll publish Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs), Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRNs) and Topographic Identifiers (TOIDs) with associated geometry, under open terms, to allow easier linking and analysis of location-based data.

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How the PSGA supports Britain

The agreement represents a significant investment in the Government's world-leading geospatial asset and will see OS helping to generate economic value to the UK over ten years.

With greater freedoms to share data and better access to our new data, we're encouraging innovation and allowing new opportunities for OS Partners, developers and public sector organisations. 

Want to know more?

We'll share more about these changes and the support available to current members of the PSGA and OSMA organisation over the next few months. Make sure you talk to the principle contact in your organisation to keep up to date. 

FAQs about the PSGA