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Code-Point with Polygons support

Code-Point with Polygons shows the notional shape of 1.6 million postcode units in Great Britain. Each one contains an average of 15 adjoining addresses.

Getting started

Code-Point® with polygons shows the notional shape of every postcode unit in Great Britain.

User guide (PDF)

Use our user guide and product guide to understand the full capabilities of our Code-point with Polygons product.

Release note (PDF)

Latest information for Code-Point with Polygons.

Code-Point with Polygons FAQs

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Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
FormatESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF or MapInfo TAB
Data structureVector
AttributesIncludes notional polygons; vertical streets data; postcode units; eastings and northings; NHS® health authority codes; administrative codes; PO box indicator; and types of delivery points.
ScaleUp to 1:1250
Update frequency Quarterly – April, July, October and January
SupplyDownload and DVD
CoverageGreat Britain
Code-Point Polygons Ipswich topography

Code-Point with polygons

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