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OS OpenMap - Local support

OS OpenMap – Local is the most detailed, street-level mapping product available as open data. It's a great backdrop over which to display your data.

Getting started

Map, visualise and truly understand your data at street level.

Getting started guide (PDF)

This getting started guide illustrates how to load both raster and vector versions of the product into several GI applications.

Simple guide (PDF)

This is a simple guide for those with no previous knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS).

Product guide (PDF)

This product guide is designed to provide an overview of OS OpenMap - Local and gives guidelines and advice on how a customer might derive the maximum benefit from the product.

Technical information

Technical specification (PDF)

OS OpenMap - Local offers customers and partners a clear contextual view of the world whilst also enabling the undertaking of analytical activities. This technical specification is contained within the product guide.

OS OpenMap - Local

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