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OS Open Roads Support

If you need a high-level view of the road network in Great Britain, OS Open Roads is for you – and it's completely free.

Getting started

OS Open Roads is a digital representation of Great Britain’s Roads.

User guide (PDF)

This user guide is designed to provide an overview of OS Open Roads and it gives guidelines and advice on how a customer might derive the maximum benefit from the product.

Technical specification (PDF)

Information you need to get started with OS Open Roads

OS Open Roads FAQs


Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
FormatGML 3.2, Esri Shape file
Data structureVector points and lines
AttributesMotorways, A-roads, B-roads, road classification, road name, primary route information, motorway junction information, links to our premium OS MasterMap Highways Network products.
Scale1:15 000 to 1:30:000
Update frequencyTwice a year – April and November
SupplyDownload only
CoverageGreat Britain