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Ordnance Survey’s Cambridge Conference is the opportunity for leaders from mapping and geospatial organisations around the world to connect.

With a heritage dating back to 1928, Cambridge Conference meets every four years to share insights, collaborate on matters of global importance, and solve shared challenges.

12-14 April 2022 | Cambridge Conference

2022’s hybrid conference hosted in Oxford will bring people together both in person and virtually. The conference will explore the actions national mapping and geospatial agencies can take to support their government’s strategic policies, such as responding to the challenges of climate change.

Find out more about the Cambridge Conference 2022 event

September 2021 | Cambridge Conference in Conversation

Our virtual preliminary event, Cambridge Conference in Conversation: Applying Geospatial Information to Climate Challenges, took place in September 2021 and welcomed senior leaders from national mapping agencies and organisations from across the globe. Keynote speaker, Farhana Yamin set the context for the event and attendees discussed in breakout groups why and how geospatial organisations must support climate action now. 

See the keynote presentation and output statement paper

International Advisory Group

Cambridge Conference in Conversation: Applying Geospatial Information to Climate Challenges and Cambridge Conference 2022 have established an Advisory Group of key representatives from across the globe to help guide our discussions and help form our statement paper.

Meet the Advisory Group.

Please note, these events are invite-only, but if you have any questions about either event, please do not hesitate to contact us.