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Can you level up mobility in remote communities?

The mobility hackathon challenge: How can local governments use geospatial data for the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in remote communities?

What's the challenge?

As the race to level up EV manufacturing intensifies, so too should the race to level up the infrastructure to support.

Local governments provide vital services each day to their citizens and businesses within their defined areas, and a pivotal role in helping the country’s meet its sustainability targets.   

In larger cities and densely populated areas, due to increased economic and social demand, the infrastructure is built more rapidly. But how does this work for local governments of remote communities, with a similar budget and a much larger area of the country to upgrade?  

Do concepts, like the 15-minute city, or existing analysis and data modelling help identify any deficiencies and requirements for the infrastructure across a larger remote area.   

For this mobility hackathon challenge, using map coverage, building/structure data, and road networks are key to finding some of the sustainable solutions. Can a concept be created using raster and vector data from AddressBase and OS MasterMap Topography layer, to inform electric vehicle infrastructure planning?

This challenge is intended to support local governments in measuring and speeding up the transition in lightly populated areas with a high tourist appeal.  

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