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The open innovation hackathon challenge

Use the open innovation challenge to use geospatial data to create a sustainable proof of concept.

What's the challenge?

The open innovation challenge gives you the freedom to design your own sustainable concept. We want to help accelerate the sustainability process, for which geospatial data plays a crucial role.

We want to enable and expedite sustainable innovation, so for this challenge, you may choose to use this opportunity to produce a proof-of-concept or piece of research of a new or existing venture. We would encourage those working to this challenge to discuss with our geospatial experts on how to get the most from OS data to create your innovative solutions.

Learn more about the challenges

Hackathon: what is the open-innovation challenge?

As the name suggests, this challenge allows limitless scope and creativity. It’s intended for those who may be new to the developer headspace, and/or have an amazing new idea in mind and a desire to build on that concept, and maybe, even help others explore ideas of their own.

Indicative data science

The University of Glasgow is using missing GPS signals as part of a project to explore new techniques to build 3D maps of towns and cities.

How geospatial will underpin the drive to net zero in 2021

The climate crisis is the single greatest issue of our time. The good news is that at Ordnance Survey, we’re in a good position to make an impact in helping the country reach net zero.

OS Map & Hack challenges

Levelling up

How can local governments use geospatial data for the transition to EV’s in remote communities?

Taking charge

Balancing the requirement of off-street EV parking whilst maintaining functional greenspace.

The 'real' EV journey

How can we build the infrastructure to accurately reflect the new habits of every EV users?

Hackathon FAQs