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GeoXphere specialises in Cloud GIS, spatial data management and cost-effective geospatial survey solutions.

Our vision is to provide fast and efficient aerial survey data capture combined with easy-to-access web-based GIS. Combining our two areas of business, GIS and aerial survey, creates a powerful set of solutions for our customers. We spend our time constantly improving and enhancing these services to give our customers the best possible value for money.

Partner solutions

XMAP is a cloud-based GIS used by private and public sector alike to share geospatial data across an organisation in a structured and intuitive way. Organisations can create and share business mapping data without the risks involved in using silos of desktop GIS or the expense of traditional GIS suppliers. Our software (such as Parish Online) provides aerial photography and Ordnance Survey mapping, amongst other datasets to over 1,000 Local Government users as well as a range of commercial clients.

XCAM is our suite of aerial survey camera systems which meets the demands of a rapidly evolving aerial photography market. The system is designed to cater for the rapid capture of data such as orthophotos, oblique imagery, height data, Near Infrared, Thermal and 3D models. XCAM systems mount to light aircraft making them a flexible and cost-effective solution for many organisations wanting to capture or commission high quality mapping data.